Mother Mercy Global 

(Divine Helpers Network)


Founded in May 2012 - Present

A Mother's Vision

Divine Helpers Diversity Network is a welcoming community. It is also Mother Mercy’s stewardship mission to give support and restore a new era of hope and progress that will empower those who need our help the most.
We are dedicated to educating and embodying God’s love in services to the world.
We strive to empower and elate by sustaining lives through our daily and weekly “Gift of Love Encounter Meals” whilst celebrating unity in diversity.
This is a relief program that feeds and educates food-insecure families, those in need, and many more.
Our main goal is to connect locally and globally with diverse groups of individuals; churches; organizations; educational institutions; and mission groups.
These connections will create a comprehensive network of support that will empower those in the following categories:
Vulnerable shool children; orphans; widows; homeless; seniors; refugees; single parents; transitional homes;  the unreached, and food-insecure families. These programs allow us to help those listed above and many more, whilst celebrating unity in diversity to foster a better understanding among nations and cultures to improve mutual support.


Mother Mercy Global is dedicated to connecting with individuals, churches organizations, educational institutions, and mission groups to develop a comprehensive network of support in Indianapolis and around the world.  Our goal is to empower the lives of those who are in need - no matter what strata - but primarily orphans, widows, homeless, food-insecure families, single parents, school children, ex-convicts, and anyone who may find themselves in need, while celebrating and promoting Unity in Diversity for their mutual benefit.

Our programs empower the capabilities within people to reimagine and create an extraordinary lifestyle - even with critical problems like poverty, lack of education, lack of advocacy, and healthcare. We are uplifting the needy by providing essentials such as nutritious food, hygiene products, cultural education, and social forums to foster new relationships and friendships with other ethnic peers. Through these contacts, prayerfully, they learn about each other's unique cultures and navigating xenophobic barriers by advocating and taking steps towards solving challenges for a better life.

Mercy Sampson, affectionately known as "Mother Mercy", is a Missionary Evangelist, and the Founder of this extraordinary organization. A Nigerian American holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Catering and Hotel Management, Food Science and Culinary Art. She utilizes her vast knowledge to assist with providing skilled services to Missions in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as locally within our community, International Food Pantry, Faith-based Initiatives, School Lunch Programs, Diversity Empowerment, and Cultural Education.

Proficient in Management, Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, Marketing Strategies, and more. She, along with her multi-talented son Victory, can be found, weekly, providing food to the homeless and transitional home recipients. For more information or to book Mercy Sampson to speak at your event, please email, or call 517-505-0111.

Your Tax Deductible Donation to Mother Mercy Global Hospitality, Inc. will greatly help with furthering our mission.

Mother Mercy's Story

Evangelist Mercy Sampson, a servant leader from Mother Mercy Global Ministries and the founder of Divine Helpers Diversity Network Inc.

When I was 8 years old, I was on fire with my passion for cooking. In my village of Ikot-Edibon, I would run around the kitchen with my mother cooking a variety of dishes. From Edikang-Ikong to Jollof Rice, to Coconut rice, to Yam Porridge with dried fish, we made it all. With the help of my parents, I would give the food out in the village square at all times of the year, especially on the 26th of December on Boxing Day.

My father was a very generous man. He would never pass a homeless person on the street. He raised orphans like his own children, fed families he didn’t know, and helped widows to their feet.  My father died when I was 15 years ago. On the day of his funeral, people we didn’t know were nearly jumping into his grave with him. He was a man who was constantly on a mission.

I was inspired by my father.

I am inspired by ~ my father. No matter what he was doing, he always made sure to turn around and help someone else chase their own life, liberty, and happiness. He inspired people to help other people. That is what I want to do.

With my non-profit I want to do the same thing that my father did, but better.

I want my outreach to be global, not just in my motherland.

With Your Help, We Can Make This Dream, This Vision, This Mission, A Reality!

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